Our Technology

We create technology that allows every day people to leverage the power of location based services combined with mobile connectivity, and apply it to what they see in the world around them. Our team has developed products that have started new industries and generated billions in revenue.

Our Products

Your mobile phone alerts you as you approach police speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, and other roadway wallet hazards.  Also a trip recorder with geo-tagged photos, turn by turn directions, local search, and more. Trapster is FREE.

Picking up milk on the way home from work? Need a reminder so you don't forget? Use JotYou™ to remind yourself as you pass by specified locations. The possibilities are endless.

AwareSpot is a free service that allows trusted sources, such as public safety, community services, TV and radio stations, and even friends and family, to send location based text message alerts. It does not require GPS, and works on any mobile phone!

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